Doodle Bug
doodle bug board 1
Doodle Bug 2
Bumble Bee Sweater Fit Simulation
Bumble Bee Sweater Knit Simulation
Bumble Bee Sweater Sleeve Detail Simulation
Lady Bug Sweater Fit Simulation
Lady Bug Sweater Knit Simulation
Lady Bug Sweater Sleeve Detail Simulation

Doodle Bug

Fall 2018

Doodle Bug is a mini-collection consisting of two children's engineered knit sweaters. The garments were constructed using the full garment Mach 2XS Knitting machine and Shima Seiki knit design software. The pieces were knit from 100% cotton 20/2's yarn, which provides additional comfort from cotton's natural properties. After construction, the sweaters were then digitally printed with hand painted bug motifs. The knit structures chosen for the sleeves of the sweaters were meant to compliment the motifs, with "bumble bee stripes" on the boys sweater and "dainty lady bug leaves" on the girls.